Comics Cookbook


Competition for the best comics recipe

Join us for a journey around the world combining comics and cooking.

Create a one-page recipe for a delicious dish in one of the following categories:

starters, soups, main courses, desserts, salads, drinks.

Remember that your recipe doesn’t have to contain text, it can be made up of images only, but if you want to include text, please write it in English.

Remember that the recipe can’t be longer than one page.

All entries should be in A5 portrait format, with a resolution of 300 DPI.

The winner will receive 1000 PLN (around 250 EUR) and the value of other prizes is 2000 PLN.

Selected works will be published as a cook book in a comics form.

The deadline for entries (which should all be submitted using the application form below) is 24th May 2015.

The results of the competition will be announced on 4th July 2015 during the finale of the 6th International Comic Culture Festival LIGATURA in Poznań.

Picture by Ola Szmida

Judges of Comics Cookbook:


Larissa Bertonasco was born in 1972 in Heilbronn. She studied Italian and History Of Art in Siena and Hamburg and Illustration at the Design Department of Armgartstrasse College in Hamburg/ HAW Hamburg.
She obtained her diploma in 2003 with her cook book “La nonna La cucina La vita” which became a bestseller and today is in twelfth printing.
Since then she is working as a freelance illustrator for magazines, publishing houses and advertising. She hosts culinary readings, exhibitions and since 2004 she is a co-publisher and author of the magazine SPRING by only female graphic artists.
She organizes workshops and art projects for children and teenagers, offers courses and gives lectures for students and adults.
She is living in Hamburg with her daughter, son and the painter Ari Goldmann.

Her website

© Foto Christian Rating


Christian Maiwald-41374137Web

 Christian Maiwald is a comics activist from Berlin, Germany. He has been working in Comics since 2004 as an editor, producer, moderator and journalist. He is writing about the German comics scene on his website Currently he is also putting together a selection of comics from Poland for the June issue of swiss-german magazine STRAPAZIN.







Goska Rey

Małgorzata Rej

In 2009, she graduated from the Faculty of Painting at University of Arts in Poznan, and in 2011 from the Faculty of Graphics and Visual Communications. For 3 years she has been running the Spontaneous Family Manufacture – REJ CAKE – which unites generation by means of flavor. She likes watching other people eating, excursions, and red color. She dislikes stupidity, wasting food and the words “it’s impossible”. She feels best as a freestyle cook, where ingredients are whatever’s left in the fridge.





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I The organizer of the competition and its duration

  1. The competition is organized by Fundacja Tranzyt, with its registered office at Fredry 7/3 61-701 Poznań; VAT number NIP 7811843776; Regon 301229741; entered into the business register kept by District Court of Poznań – Nowe Miasto i Wilda, VIII Economic Department under the number KRS 0000339073
  2. Contest entries can be submitted until May, 24th 2015 (until 23:59) with the application form available above.
  3. Entries submitted after the deadline will not take part in the Competition.
  4. Winners will be announced on July, 4th 2015.
  5. The competition is international.

II Terms and Conditions of participation in the contest

  1. The Competition is open to any person or publisher house (hereinafter referred to as Participant) that fulfills jointly all of the following conditions:
    • knows and accepts all the rules and regulations of the competition,
    • is not the Organizer’s employee or a member of the Organizer’s immediate family nor is directly involved in the organization of the competition,
    • is 18 years of age at the date of the deadline,
    • meets other conditions set out herein.
  2. The subjects of the competitions are, respectively: the best comic cook recipe. The winning and selected works will be published as books. The prize assumes transfer of publication rights to the works.
  3. There is no limit to the number of submitted works.
  4. Contest entries must be submitted through the entry form in English.
  5. The application form must be accompanied by an A5 size vertical file.
  6. Submitted works cannot be previously published in print in Poland.
  7. Submitted works may be previously published on the Internet or published in print in other countries.
  8. Works may be submitted in any technique or format.
  9. By participating in the contest Participants agree to the processing of personal data by the Organizers to the extent necessary for the proper co-operation with the Organizer and to the ends and purposes of the Competition.
  10. Submission of the project assumes the Participant’s declaration that s/he is entitled to the full personal and property copyrights (including the subsidiary copyrights) of the submitted works, and that the submitted works are his/her individual and completely original creation and are in no way encumbered with rights established for the benefit of third parties, are in no part plagiarized, are not copies, and do not contain fragments of any other works.
  11. Everyone has the right to report violations of the regulations to the Organizer.
  12. CAUTION: participation in the contest is free of charge.
  13. The winning works will be published as books. By submitting the works, participants agree to these rules and accept that the prize is the only payment for the publication rights to the works. The book will be offer participants for 50% cover price.

III The Jury

  1. The works will be assessed by the Jury.
  2. The Jury is fully independent and autonomous, and its decisions are final and undisputable.

IV Awards

  1. The main prize : 1000 PLN (around 250 EUR) and additional prizes: 2000 PLN
  2. The Organizer reserves the right not to grant some, or all, of the prizes.

V Copyright

  1. The Organizer reserves the right to present and publish the submitted works without any copyright fee at the Organizer’s website,, and as books.
  2. By submitting the works, the Participants acknowledge that awarding them will result in their granting of an exclusive and gratuitous license to the following:
    • solidifying and multiplying the works by means of typography, printing, reprography, information technology, photography, digital processing, multimedia, audiovisual, audio and phonic techniques and their variations, including computer data storage,
    • publicizing the works by means of public performances, exhibitions, screenings, transmissions and broadcasts on all kinds of carriers, including banners advertising, VHS, VCD and DVD, and with the use of various multimedia techniques,
    • publicizing the works in computer networks, including the Internet, in such a way that individuals could access the images in a time and place of their choice.
  3. The aforementioned publication may be carried out:
    • to promote the Organizer in connection to the Competition, and in particular in the form of T-shirts, posters, exhibitions, advertising brochures, notices, regardless of their format, as well as in other media: informative or advertising, especially as audio, audio-visual, multimedia and phonic adveritsements,
    • after preserving in print and electronic form, also as part of a collective publication, and being publicized in such form in computer networks and the Internet.
  4. The granting of license by the awarded Participant is not tantamount to the obligation of the Organizer to use the work in the above-mentioned ways.

VI Final provisions

The Organizer shall not be held responsible for any delays resulting from the actions of shipping companies, electronic mail and/or network services that the Participants choose to use.

The Organizer shall not be held responsible for the third parties or other Participants providing false and/or incomplete information about the Competition and for the damage caused by the Participants providing false or out-of-date data and/or statements.

The Participant is responsible in particular for the infringement of personal property, copyright, neighbouring rights and subsidiaries to third parties in the works. The Participant is obliged to cover all costs of defending the rights of the Organizer associated with such breach and with the gratification of the aggrieved party.

The final interpretation of these regulations is the exclusive right of the Organizer.